The Best Center Channel Speaker in 2021 | Top 14 Picks And Reviewed!

Best Center Channel Speaker
Best Center Channel Speaker

Looks like you’ve finally pissed your pal off. Actually, there’s no reason not to be. It’s the fourth time that you’ve canceled the movie night. But to be honest, we can’t blame you too!

After all, you didn’t want to spoil his mood with that speaker of yours that spits nothing but a pile of blurry sounds, massive distortion, and no clarity.

Hey! Why don’t you host the movie night at your home this time? And the sound clarity? Let the best center channel speaker handle that.Plus, the bass response is going to be superb, along with low sound distortion and, of course, awesome compatibility.

We know it’s nothing like a jar of cookies that you can pick up randomly. But the 14 center channel speakers we’re about to bring in can simply nail all those features.

What Is a Center Channel Speaker?

Though we don’t think you’ve come here without a clue about what a center channel speaker is, we believe you still deserve a definition from our end.

What we call the center channel is basically made to reproduce the dialogues that any audiovisual program comes with.

You might be thinking that why would you need one in the first place when you’ve already got two side speakers, right? Well, of course, you don’t need a center channel speaker, but that’s only when you’re listening to the music.

Unfortunately, they can’t get you the required clarity that you’d love to have while watching your favorite movie. So, if you think along with getting lost in the bass, you need to listen clearly to what the characters are uttering, then make sure you’ve got a center channel speaker added to your setup.


The Top 14 Best Center Channel Speaker 2021 Reviews

So, are you ready to get drowned in super clear sound and heavy bass? Because we’ve got 14 Center Channel Speakers to do that this time. All you have to do is just keep up. Let’s get started then?

  1. Polk Audio S35 – Power Port Technology

We hope you’re not planning to burn some cash again on the wrong sound tech. If that’s the case, then maybe the right option you’re looking for as your next Center Channel Speaker is something like the S35 from Polk Audio.

Before we get started, can you answer a question? Have you seen a stick of dynamite for real or in movies?

Well, you can simply count this stylish 4” tall Ultra-Slim speaker like one. Small size, but bigger impact! Yes, we’re talking about the crystal clear sound it hits your ears with.

But nothing comes out of the blue. The awesome sound you’re going to fill up your ears with goes at that level because there are six 3” drivers to ensure its quality and reliability.

By the way, how much do you hate sound distortion?

If it’s 10/10, you’re going to love its power port technology for making the base response deeper and minimizing the distortion. Want to know how it does that so perfectly? With the turbulence-smoothing diffuser.

Can’t wait to get the cinematic feel while sitting on your couch? Bring in the S35 and you’ll see how it all gets so real! After all, it’s simply what you’d crave to have tagged to your TV/ music system, doesn’t matter if you’ve got something like the 2.0, 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 7.1, or 9.1 setups.


  • Comes with a stylish and slim design
  • Keeps the sound crisp and clear
  • Ensures minimum distortion of sound
  • Makes the base response deeper
  • Compatible with TV sets


  • Can’t connect through Bluetooth

Why Should You Buy Polk Audio S35?

What makes it an amazing option to add to your sound system is its ability to keep up and be compatible with different setups.

  1. Klipsch RP-250C – 90×90 Hybrid Tractrix Horn

When World War II ended in 1945, in the very next year, an amazing company started its journey to make sounds perfect through their creations. Surprisingly, they haven’t stopped since then and are still giving birth to amazing sound techs. Yes, we’re talking about Klipsch, and the next one we’ve got is their RP-250C.

The first time you’ll look at it, what’ll draw your attention like a magnet is itsSpun-Copper Cerametallic Woofers. But don’t think the makers put them there just to make it a beautiful part of your interior only. They simply cut distortion off like a sharp knife cuts the butter.

And cone breakup? Get ready to count it minimum.

Wait a minute! Who said we’re done praising them?

Along with giving the design a beautiful edge and making it lighter, they’ve also nailed the rigidity part. So, whenever you take off the strong and flexible removable grille, you’ll fall in love with it each and every time.

Then comes the Tractrix Horn-loaded Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) tweeter like a cherry on the top. So, if you’ve been missing the word ‘efficiency’ so far, then here it is, and you better buckle up to get the cleanest and natural sound this time.

By the way, thanks to the Tractrix Port as well for the faster air transfer and powerful low-frequency response. So, when you’ll be looking for the best center channel speaker under $500, don’t forget to check this one out.


  • Ensures minimum cone breakup
  • Delivers efficient sound quality
  • Keeps the distortion level low
  • Comes with a lucrative design
  • Lightweight and rigid construction


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Why Should You Buy Klipsch RP-250C?

You won’t regret getting the Klipsch RP-250C because it comes with an amazingly high-efficiency level and the ability to deliver the cleanest sound.

  1. Pioneer Elite SP-EC73 – Andrew Jones Home Audio Center

Who doesn’t love to have a touch of style in their techs? We bet you’re among them too. But if it’s something like the Elite SP-EC73 Center Channel Speaker from Pioneer, it gets hard to believe that simplicity and style can be on the same page too.

But what matters more than style is the performance, and if you ask how SP-EC73 is on that then we’ll say you can compare it to professional-quality only.

If you’ve had a fair share of experience with central speakers earlier, then you probably know interference between tweeter and midrange can be a real sound spoiler. But it seems team Pioneer has fixed that up with the Coherent Source Transducer. So, it’s time to say goodbye to the imbalance of timing and timbre.

By the way, were you missing the consistent sound signature in your last sound tech? Well, to fill that gap up, the makers have used the same concentric & bass drivers. Yup! The same ones they’ve used in their Elite Bookshelf speakers.

But team Pioneer has literally nailed the authoritative sound and voice effects this time. Want to know how?

Well, it’s impossible to expect anything less than this when you’ve got the additional 5-1/4“passive radiator to enhance the bass impact.

And to represent each of the major frequencies flawlessly, it’s got a 3-way speaker design, which is also more than enough to make you fall in love with it. On top of that, the Complex Crossover is capable of blending audio between the tweeter and woofer perfectly.


  • Takes down interference between tweeter and midrange
  • Maintains the consistent sound signature
  • Enhances the base impact
  • Blends the audio between tweeter and woofer
  • Ensures flawless representation of major frequencies


  • Has no other color variations

Why Should You Buy Pioneer Elite SP-EC73?

Getting the Pioneer Elite SP-EC73 will be a wiser decision for you because it’s a speaker that can take care of your craving from bass impact enhancement with ease.

  1. Polk Audio CS10 –

You’ve already seen what team Polk Audio is capable of putting on your table. It seems they’re back again to prove their excellence with the CS10Center Channel Speaker.

It has a 1” tweeter. Hold on a second! Who said it’s a normal one? This  Fabric/Polymer that comes with Dynamic-Balance Dome Tweeter is backed by the full of power Neodymium magnet structure.

Do you know what it means? It means no matter what kind of program is running on your TV, every bit of its instruments and vocals will reach your ear — crystal clear with the detailed high-frequency response. You’ll feel like you’re sitting right there, live!

And what to say about its Two 5-1/4” Composite Dynamic-Balance Drivers (Bi-Laminated)? These lightweight drivers are specifically focused on keeping the efficiency and bass on an excellent level and lowering the distortion.

By the way, the construction that has got the MDF enclosure is not only non-resonant. It also has the support of the 3/4” thick baffles that pulls off both the cleanliness and clarity of the sound. Isn’t it what you imagined to get in the best center channel speaker under 1000 only?


  • Keeps the delivery of instruments and vocals clear
  • Ensures high-frequency response with great detail
  • Good at lowering distortion
  • Pushes the bass on an excellent level
  • Comes with a non-resonant construction


  • A little big

Why Should You Buy Polk Audio CS10?

Resonance can be a real pain in the neck when you’re trying to watch something. But Polk Audio CS10knows how to take care of that. So, getting it won’t be a mistake for sure.

  1. Definitive Technology Procenter 1000 – Compact Center Speaker

It’s totally understandable when you just can’t stand those bulky sound systems just because they take a ton of space. But what if you get something compact but without compromising on the power and performance? Well, the Procenter 1000 from Definitive Technology can surely fit in those shoes.

Do you know what is the portion of any movie’s soundtrack a center channel speaker plays? 75%! Thankfully, the Procenter 1000 got two BDSS drivers are backed by 2 mid/bass radiators to let you enjoy that 75% loud and clear.

And tonal accuracy? You can count that as nothing but high. By the way, the bass radiators are also responsible for enhancing the low-frequency performance. Do you still think you’ve got any reason to miss that true-to-life sound?

But what will leave you amazed next is its distortion-free dynamics. Damn! How can something so compact could keep it that way?

There’s one more thing that has taken its appeal higher than ever – the size. You can simply set this compact piece up, and you won’t even notice its existence there. And if you feel like you need some adjustment, the built-in foot will help you out by adjusting the angle the way you want.


  • Maximizes loudness and clarity of the sound
  • Keeps the tonal accuracy on a higher level
  • Ensures distortion-free dynamics
  • Comes in a compact size
  • Has adjustable built-in foot


  • Not super cheap

Why Should You Buy Definitive Technology Procenter 1000?

Definitive Technology Procenter 1000 can be a real game-changer for you when you’re not in the mood to sacrifice your space or the need for high-quality sound.

  1. Klipsch R-25C – Fills rooms with powerful

Missing the brand Klipsch already? Or are you missing their superb performance covered with elegant design? Well, we guess they’ve thought of bringing all of that back with their R-25C Center Channel Speaker.

Initially, you might feel a bit nostalgic after seeing how close the design is to the old cassette players. But trust us – This one is better!

The first thing the makers have added to make you fall in love with it is the 90×90 Tractrix Horn technology. But to accomplish the mission of delivering the most natural and clear sound, they’ve included the aluminum tweeters too in the speaker.

Yes, it’s the LTS Tweeter once again. How would have they forgotten to add something like that to their tech? After all, that’s what has made it possible for the R-25C to minimize distortion in order to push the performance to an enhanced level.

But to give it a more refined look, the makers have given it the acoustically transparent removable grille, which is made of strong but flexible material. Plus the 5-way binding posts make sure that you’re getting the maximum connection flexibility possible.

Another feature that has snatched the title ‘remarkable’ is its IMG or Injection Molded Graphite woofer. If you’ve had your chance to come in touch with Klipsch tech earlier then you already know it’s not only light in nature but also super rigid. And what to say about its low-frequency response? In one word – Amazing!

By the way, you can also blame it for the minimal cone breakup too. And right after it came into action with the Horn-loaded LTS tweeter, it simply nailed the efficiency part of the speaker.


  • Maximizes the clarity of sound
  • Comes with an acoustically transparent removable grille
  • Enhances performance by LTS Tweeter
  • Ensures minimal cone breakup
  • Comes with maximum connection flexibility


  • Not the smallest speaker in the market

Why Should You Buy Definitive Klipsch R-25C?

With the help of its sturdy and versatile 5-way binding posts, you can have all the connection flexibility that you probably can only ask for from the best center channel speaker under 200.

  1. Sony SSCS8 – Way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker

Do you really believe that you’ll ask for the best center channel speaker 2021 and team Sony will have nothing to offer there? Well, looks like they’ve actually saved one for that and it’s none other than the SSCS8 center channel speaker.

You might be thinking why it’s so bulky? Come on! How else do you expect this 2-way, 3-driver sound tech to generate such an amount of powerful sound if it gets rid of those two 4” woofers?

By the way, the sound level you wanted to know about can go up to 86dB. Do you still think it can’t keep up with your loud sound craving or need for tight and powerful bass?

Wait a minute! Are you worried about the distortion? Then maybe you haven’t noticed the 1” Wide-dispersion Super Tweeter that is there to reduce the hassle. And yes, it’s the tweeter that has made it possible to ensure a high-frequency audio response.

We know you haven’t forgotten about the vocal response. But trust us, neither has team Sony. Otherwise, why would’ve,they added the Optimized Crossover Componentry? Yes, that is Sony’s ‘the secret’ behind the energetic vocal response with minimal signal loss.


  • Can reach a sound level of 86dB
  • Delivers energetic vocal response
  • 1” tweeter lowers the distortion
  • Ensures high-frequency audio response
  • Keeps the signal loss at a minimal level


  • Soundbar is a bit bulky

Why Should You Buy Definitive Sony SSCS8?

If you’re looking for a center channel speaker that you can put your money on for a better sound level and tight, powerful bass, then Sony SSCS8 can surely be the right choice.

  1. Cerwin-Vega SL-45C – Quad 5 1/4″ Center Channel Speaker

If you’re a car enthusiast, then we bet you haven’t missed the Hellcat Redeye of Dodge Charger. Don’t they look just a hell of a ride? Well, it seems team Cerwin-Vega was really impressed with the design. Their SL-45C Center Channel Speaker looks like one at least.

But looking good is just not enough to be a center channel speaker, is it? So, to fulfill the first condition of being the perfect speaker the makers have added Quad 5-1/4” drivers here. Do you know what that condition is? Vocal clarity. And damn! They’ve literally nailed that part.

Now the question is, what about the crispness? Thankfully, the 1” soft dome tweeter has handled that perfectly by ensuring crisp highs. And what to say about the sound level? Calling it humongous won’t be wrong for sure. After all, it can easily reach up to 89dB.

Is there anything missing here? Oh yes! The removable grille. Don’t worry. Team Cerwin-Vega didn’t forget to give it a touch of classic styling with a removable grille.

Hold on a second! We’re not done yet. If you ever forget your electronic devices closeby it, it ain’t going to mess with them too. Thanks to its magnetic shield for that.


  • Pushes the vocal clarity higher
  • Good at ensuring crisp highs
  • Features a stylish removable grille
  • Can make the sound level reach 89dB
  • Comes with the magnetic shield


  • Distortion control could’ve been better

Why Should You Buy Definitive Cerwin-Vega SL-45C?

Along with adding awesome appeal to your Home Theater system, Cerwin-Vega SL-45C can literally change its look. Plus, it’s great in keeping your electronic device safe as well.

  1. MartinLogan Motion 8

Thinking a little out of the box has always been the focus of team MartinLogan. But with Motion 8Center Channel Speaker, they’ve literally changed how we used to look at high-end speakers.

Their Folded Motion Tweeter alone has simply changed the game here. Do you know how much excursion any 1” dome tweeter requires? The tweeter of the Motion 8 takes 90% less than that and minimizes the distortion so drastically that you won’t be able to find any words to define it.

And response time? We don’t think you can compare it with anything but the speed of lightning. But the awesomeness of that tweeter has not finished yet.

Its 8x large surface area doesn’t only create clear and highly dynamic sound but also takes its precision level to an unbelievable height.

But what will make you want it more is its elegant styling. And why wouldn’t you? After all, the piano black high-gloss finish with subtle curves has given it nothing but a flawless look. On top of that, its Curved design makes sure that it’s covering your desired listening area.

Plus, its signature perforated-grille works like a cherry on the top here. So, if you’re feeling it might not blend with your interior, we can’t wait to see your face after you being totally wrong about that.


  • Minimizes the distortion drastically
  • Comes with a super-fast response time
  • Easily covers desired listening area
  • Has an elegant and lucrative design
  • Comes with the signature perforated grille


  • A bit expensive

Why Should You Buy Definitive MartinLogan Motion 8?

MartinLogan Motion 8 is a great choice because of its awesome frequency response and blendability to any décor.

  1. Fluance Signature HFCW – Home Theater Surround Sound Systems

Do you always buy your stuff just to satisfy your eyes or focus on the performance as well? No matter which one is your answer but the Signature HFCW Center Channel Speaker from Fluance is something that can please you with both look and performance.

Thanks to its premium components that have left no stone unturned to nail the precision along with the sonic accuracy. Now transporting high fidelity sound will be nothing but a piece of cake for you.

And the vocals and dialogues? We bet you’ll be surprised to see the jaw-dropping clarity.

But team Fluance knows that no matter how loud a speaker is, it still can’t be called the right one if it can’t control the distortion. Thankfully, the high-end Neodymium tweeters of Signature HFCW have eliminated the chance of that by producing high frequencies along with captivating clarity.

On top of that, the cabinet itself assists it in creating distortion-free sound without compromising the warmth. Thanks to its precise crafting with engineered wood for pulling that off.

But what’s the fun if the sound level can’t reach an extraordinary level? Well, after seeing its sensitivity range of 92dB, there’s no way to doubt that this bad boy is capable of doing an amazing job there too.


  • Makes transporting high fidelity sound easier
  • Produces high frequency and captivates clarity
  • Eliminates chances of distortion
  • Keeps the vocals and dialogues clear
  • Has an impressive sensitivity range of 92dB


  • A bit heavy

Why Should You Buy Fluance Signature HFCW?

Fluance Signature HFCW is made to deliver high frequencies and push sound clarity to the maximum level. Once you bring it in, nothing can stop you from having a flawless listening experience.

  1. Micca MB42X-C – Dual 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofe

Are you too looking for a speaker that will bring in a lot of volume on your table? Then for you, we don’t see too many options as good as the MB42X-C Center Channel Speaker from Micca.

Indeed you’re going to need a ton of bass when it comes to enjoying music to the fullest extent. Don’t worry, MB42X-C got plenty of it. Thanks to its carbon-fiber woofer that now we can call the bass quality nothing but impactful.

Plus, the silk dome tweeter does a heck of a job while pushing the treble to a smoother level.

But doesn’t it come with a chance to distortion there?

Well, not if the Ported enclosure is there. After all, that’s what keeps distortion at a lower level along with extending the bass response. Besides, why would you worry about dynamic and balanced sound when the 18dB crossover is there to bring that to you?

And please stop vacating new space for your center channel speaker. Its compact classic design won’t only need smaller space but will be easy as pie to place.

In case you don’t feel like letting the woofers and tweeter expose, you can simply put the grille on it to hide them, and it’ll still fit in your décor perfectly.


  • 18dB crossover ensures dynamic and balanced sound
  • Requires less space to be placed
  • Ported enclosure handles distortion perfectly
  • Highly convenient to place
  • Comes with a compact classic design


  • No sub out

Why Should You Buy Micca MB42X-C?

It’s tough to find a quality speaker that can perform like a Pro. But if you get the Micca MB42X-C, not only you’ll get crisp and clear sound but also save some bucks.

  1. KEF Q250c – 5 Inches Center Channel Speaker

It’s time to look at the next hotshot on our list. If you’re not a budget freak and love to have the cleanest sound while enjoying your favorite track or movie, then we bet you’re going to love it. It’s the Q250c Center Channel Speaker from KEF.

With their Uni-Q driver array, the makers have managed to deliver a more detailed and accurate sound image. But that didn’t come without some innovative changes. It happened because they’ve placed it in the midrange cone’s acoustic center.

But if you’re spending so much money on a center channel speaker, you definitely will ask for a cleaner bass, right? Well, count that coming your way. Thanks to its new spider suspension for getting that done even at a higher volume level.

The secret of its superb bass is not just that but also the enhanced ABRs or Auxiliary Bass Radiators backed by surround & rear suspension.

By the way, you’re not a big fan of unwanted internal resonance, are you? If so, then team KEF got good news for you. They’ve repositioned the Uni-Q driver to the cabinet’s center. Guess what came up next? A big reduction in that internal resonance.

Besides, as the rear port has been removed, the sealed enclosure will make it a piece of cake for you to put closer to your wall. And the best part? You can simply let it replace both of your right and left channel speakers too.

And unlike some of the brands, you won’t have to stick to a certain finish even if it doesn’t match your interior. You’ve got three finishes available that you can easily pick from – white, black, and walnut. It seems you won’t have to cry for matching speakers anymore.


  • Available in three finishes
  • Can be placed closer to the wall
  • Capable of replacing right/left channel speaker
  • Maximizes the detailing and accuracy of sound image
  • Keeps the bass clean at high volume


  • A bit pricey

Why Should You Buy KEF Q250c?

Who doesn’t love having a high-end speaker, especially when it’s a pile of versatility and a great source of a cleaner bass? So, if you’re looking for something like that for yourself, you can grab the KEF Q250c with closed eyes.

  1. ELAC Debut 2.0 C6.2 – Easy-to-drive 8-Ohm Nominal Impedance

We’ve seen people who get so mesmerized by the outlook and sound quality of the speaker that they forget to take compatibility seriously. But when it comes to Debut 2.0 C6.2 Center Speaker from ELAC, it just rocks each of those segments.

The first secret of its awesome performance is the Dual 6-1/2” fiber bass drivers. But it couldn’t have hit the ceiling of performance if it didn’t have the support of the 1” soft-dome tweeter.

And the result? Smooth extended highs filled with deep impactful bass. What else do you need to enjoy every drop of your favorite movies and music? Plus, with the frequency response of 55Hz – 35kHz, it reproduces accurate support with an enormously wide range.

By the way, maybe we’re forgetting about another important thing – compatibility. Well, with the help of 8-Ohm nominal impedance, the Debut 2.0 C6.2 can keep up not only with almost every AV receiver but also the stereo amplifiers.

But what has made it a pure piece of convenience is its Front Firing Ports. Now even if you want to push it to the wall, nothing will be stopping you anymore for sure. So, clearly, you’re free to utilize the maximum flexibility while placing the speaker.

Now the question is, what if there are too much unwanted vibrations? Well, we don’t see the chance of that happening as the thick MDF cabinet and its internal bracing are there to hold it on a lower level.


  • Delivers smooth extended highs
  • Render deep impactful bass
  • Keeps the unwanted vibrations low
  • Ensures maximum placement flexibility
  • Has a better compatibility feature


  • Bass could’ve been better

Why Should You Buy ELAC Debut 2.0 C6.2?

Every time when you think of getting a speaker, the first thing that freaks you out right after the performance is the placement. Getting the ELAC Debut 2.0 C6.2 can surely get you rid of phobia on both.

  1. SVS Prime Center – Premium Black Ash

Waiting to see which one has hit the last slot on our list? Well, you can bet that ain’t going to be any random speaker as well. After all, it’s the list of toppers, right? So, bringing no change to that, we’ve let Prime Center Speaker from SVS take the final spot.

It’s tough to stop talking about its 3-way crossover design as it had to do everything with its performance. But what kind of performance?

Well, crisp transitions, revealing clarity, effortless power – you just name it, and this bad boy has nailed it all. But this 3-way crossover design has also added accurate frequency response to the list, which has taken the appeal of this speaker sky high.

And if you start scoring it on the basis of transparency while being played at high volumes, it’ll be hard to give it anything but a perfect 10. Thanks to its 1” aluminum dome tweeter for taking it to that level.

But that’s not the only part where it proved its capability. It has taken the responsibility to make everything sound smooth, crisp, and clear, whether it’s dialogue, vocals, or any other content. A fair share of thanks goes to its potent 5.25” woofers as well.

On top of that, the makers have built the cone with light and rigid material that has added extra clarity to Prime Center’s sounds. Plus, its excellent dispersion will make your surround sound experience way more convincing than ever.


  • Generates smooth, and clear sounds
  • Keeps the transitions crisp
  • Delivers enhanced bass output
  • Renders accurate frequency response
  • Comes with light and rigid material made cone


  • Not a cheap one

Why Should You Buy SVS Prime Center?

SVS Prime Center is probably everything that you can ask the finest center channel speaker to have. Whether you like to have a better base or crisp sound, this is what you’ll love having in your living room to bring them to you.

How Do I Choose the Right Center Channel Speaker?

How many times have you been able to get the best service from a tech that you’ve purchased blindly or without thinking much? Maybe once or twice like any other coincidences.

But you can’t take that chance for your next center channel speaker, can you? Well, we say you don’t have to. Just make sure you’re having a thorough check on things that can make a speaker right for you — waiting for that list of considerations? Here it is –

  • Compatibility

Go wrong on this one, and every penny you’ve invested will go in vain unless you’ve got a chance to return the speaker of course. So, make sure the one you’re picking up in the first place can easily go with your existing speakers or the one you’re planning to buy.

You might be thinking why it’s so important. Well, you don’t want your central speaker and surrounding speakers to sound with different timing, do you? So, when you’re taking care of that compatibility part, you can be sure that the sound will travel among the speakers smoothly as they’ll be acoustically similar.

It’s better to get all the speakers from the same manufacturer because they’re often proved perfectly compatible with each other. But if you’re not counting that as an option, you must handle that compatibility part properly as we said earlier.

  • Configuration Ratio

How many speakers are thinking about adding to your system? Is it 2, 3, 4, or more? No matter whatever the number is, check out what kind of configuration ratio the speaker is offering so that you can have as many surrounding speakers as you want.

It can be anything like 3:1, 5:1, 6:1, or 7:1 where the first number is of surround-sound speakers and the second one is of subwoofers.

  • Crossover Frequency

Have you ever noticed how the signal is being segregated in all the portions and being delivered to all speakers where it interprets as sound? Well, this is the process that we call the Crossover frequency.

A high crossover frequency is what you need to have in your next center channel speaker. After all, you don’t want to miss that splendid and remarkable experience of having a well-synchronized sound, do you?

  • Bi-Wire Capability

It’s nothing you’ll surely need except when you’re thinking about having a better bass definition. Usually, two female connector sets come within certain speakers when one works for the tweeter and another for the woofer. They are what possess this capability.

  • Speaker Materials

Material is the one aspect that you can never underestimate, no matter whatever you buy.  But a speaker is a perfect combination of a ton of materials. So, before you pick your one up, make sure it’s made of quality material.

It’ll be better if you can go with something lighter. For tweeters, try to grab one with silk-like fabric so that you can have a smoother sound.

  • Sensitivity

Do you know what higher sensitivity ratings can pull off? A louder play, which you definitely won’t be getting in lower rating speakers. You might be thinking how much a few extra dB will matter, but the truth is the difference can be bigger than you think. So, it’s better to grab one with a higher rate.

  • Power Range

Have you checked out your speaker’s recommended power range? If you haven’t already then do it right now before shopping for your center channel speaker. That’s because you need to make sure that the receiver’s RMS wattage is falling within your speaker’s recommended power range.

  • Impedance

The right impedance is entirely dependent on the specs of your receiver. So, when you’re roaming confused about which one to grab, then we say you better have a check on that spec.

  • Magnetic Shielding

You don’t want the magnet of your speaker to mess with the electronic devices when you keep them closer to it, do you? Then check out if the speaker is coming with magnetic shielding or not. Otherwise, it’ll create interruptions in the flow of the electrons, and you might end up in distortion and miss-coloring.

  • Size

Maybe that’s not what you’ve been expecting as the next consideration, but the truth is you need to count this one in too. For obvious reasons, you aren’t going to have all the spaces in the world, and you’ll have to slip in the speaker in your limited space. So, make sure you’re not getting anything extra bulky this time.

  • Design

Now don’t say you’re okay with letting a speaker ruin your interior. Come on! We know you’re not. So, why are looking at all those dull-styled speakers?

Just pick something that will not only give your entire home theater system a better edge with the performance but with the look as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it worth getting a center channel speaker?

Not if you’re happy with blurry and distorted sounds, which we don’t think you are. It’s basically the most important part of any surround sound setup. While you’re playing music, you might not feel its need but can’t say the same thing when you’re trying to watch a movie.

It makes the conversation sound clearer than ever. So, if you really like having that experience, then indeed, a center channel speaker is worth it.

  • Who makes the best center channel speakers?

It ain’t a jungle where you can have only one king. So, if you’re looking for the maker of thebest center channel speaker for dialogue and music, then there are few names that we can’t help taking.

They are Polk Audio, Klipsch, Pioneer, Definitive Technology, Sony, Cerwin-Vega, MartinLogan, Fluance, Micca, KEF, ELAC, and  SVS.

  • Does a center channel speaker make a difference?

Yes, they do, but when you’re more into movies, series, or anything that contains dialogues. Center channel speakers make them crystal clear along with balancing the sound with surrounding the speakers. But if you do nothing but listen to music, then you don’t have any reason to get one.

  • Can you use any speaker as a center channel?

We’d suggest you not to because there’s a chance that you might not have enough clarity in the sound that way.

  • Can I use 2 center channel speakers?

Yes, you can, but the truth is, you don’t need to. One center channel is enough to get you the required perfection and base level that you want while enjoying a show.

  • How can I make my center speaker sound better?

In case your center channel speaker is identical to your surround speaker, then you can be sure that you’re already on the way to get better sound. If you’re still not getting it right, check out if it’s in the right position or not. That’s because the closer it’ll be to you, the better sound you’ll get out of it.

Final Words

Obviously, you can’t bring in every speaker you’ve seen so far. Now the question is, which one is going to be the perfect center channel speaker for you?

Come on! Just admit it. You like all of them. But as you’re bound to pick only one, we surely can suggest you a few from our end.

If you’re not afraid of losing a bigger buck in the attempt to get the finest speaker, then we think it’s better to go with the KEF Q250c. This bad boy, with its advanced technology, can bring you all the clarity of sound in the world. On top of that, the design itself feels like a compliment on it.

But if you’re asking for efficiency and elegance in the same speaker, then we’d say MartinLogan Motion 8 can be your catch. Its amazing frequency response is extraordinary. Plus, its blendability to any décor is something impossible to ignore.

Now, what if you want it cheap but good? Well, then both Polk Audio CS10 and Sony SSCS8 are worth giving a shot. Picked the best center channel speaker yet? You should.

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