The Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 1000 | Top Picks!

Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 1000
Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 1000

When you have enough space in your room and you want the most out of your AV system, nothing else can stand taller than a pair of floor standing speakers.

Since too many options online might seem overwhelming at first, we thought listing the best floor standing speakers under 1000 could be a good idea. We’ve considered not only how spectacular they sound but also how good they look and blend in with a room’s décor.

So, before finally deciding on which to buy, arm yourself with some knowledge and prevent yourself from winding up with something that gives you a headache.

What Is An Floor Standing Speaker?

You know what a speaker or a loudspeaker is, right? No audiovisual experience is complete without speakers. Now, speakers are usually of two kinds; bookshelf speakers and floor standing speakers.

A floor-standing speaker is also known as a tower speaker. It is because of their structure which almost looks like a mini-tower. They are typically large in size and completes the system of any AV room.

You can put them next to your TV cabinet or the bookcase just as easily as you stand in a chair or a table. Tower speakers also result in a smaller footprint since they take advantage of the vertical space in the room.

Floor standing speakers reproduce stereo sounds with two channels. Each of these channels has two to three drivers that produce various frequencies. Low-frequency sound is emitted through a subwoofer, mid-range frequency through a speaker, and high-frequency range with the help of a tweeter.

These massive indoor sets of devices make the solid bedrock upon which the stereo system of your dreams is made of. Due to their full range sound spectrum with clarity, quality, and smoothness, they can deliver such an auditory experience that’s difficult to match by anything else.

For decades floor standing speakers have been regarded as the cornerstone for any audio system. If you are an audiophile, you can never be satisfied with anything other than a set of floor standing speakers after you’ve experienced them at least once.

Top Rated 16 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 1000 Reviewed For 2021

After weeks of research and observation, we’ve handpicked only a few speakers from dozens and dozens of options. Do have a look and decide which one suits you best.

BIC Acoustech PL-980 Floor Speakers

Kicking off our best floor standing reviews with BIC’s Acoustech PL-980. With an experience of making some of the best speakers for nearly two decades, the company comes up with their latest creation that beats all else.

PL-980 incorporates a 3-way multi-driver design with a performance that enhances any mid-range frequency. The three speakers make the perfect audio system which direly needs a refined mid-frequency.

The Acoustech’s two 8-inch active woofers and two 8-inch passive radiators provide a warm but uninterrupted bass. This results in a delightful 3-D sound that is absent in any 2-way system.

Another important feature of this speaker set is the magnetic shielding. These speakers come with a strong magnetic shield that protects them as well as other audio devices like the TV. As a result, there is no worrying about damaged electronics due to the speakers.

Furthermore, this floor standing speaker also has a durable and scratch-resistant finish that serves you for years on end. This type of high-quality scratch-resistant coating is absent in most other speakers.


  • Surreal sound experience with 3 speakers
  • Magnetic shielding protects other electronics
  • Gives a 3-D sound quality vibe
  • Frequency response is extremely harmonized


  • Requires more space due to large size

Pro Note:

If you have a big space in the room and if you are a heavily discriminating listener then this item would be the perfect choice for you.

SVS Ultra Tower Speaker – Each (Piano Gloss Black)

SVS ultra tower speakers are kind and create dramatic visuals and audio that you will love to the core. The Ultra tower speaker delivers a deep soundstage that is well detailed with an excellent resolution. This gives absolute transparency with rich articulated bass.

The performance of the SVS is superb and outperforms many other brands that have higher price ranges. The speaker comes with a vented voice coil former to minimize air compression at high drive levels. The heavy-duty voice coil in the speaker is there to enhance power and thermal management. The cabinet design is made to suit the different home interior designs.

 The non-parallel cabinet panels of the speaker are made to reduce standing waves within the cabinet well. It’s able to remove frequency response coloration. Every single feature of the speaker is made to make it outstanding and perform better. It has a wedge-shaped front baffle, and flush-mounted drivers can reduce the edge diffraction and improve the axis high-frequency response.

FEA grille design is optimized to give maximum acoustic transparency. Just like the cabinet provides the best frequency you need, it employs two separate sealed midrange enclosures for excellent performance. It’s able to reduce the negative interaction between the drivers in the speaker.


  • Amazing cabinet performance
  • Dramatic sound produced 
  • The driver’s performance is good
  • Great design 
  • Small and fit different areas at home


  • The bass could be better

Klipsch RP-8000F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker – Each (Ebony)

Klipsch RP-8000F speaker is one of the best produced by the brand in the market. The Klipsch is a known brand that gives the best with incredible performance when it comes to speakers. When you see the Klipsch speaker, you will note that it’s a bit larger than most tower speakers but not too large.

The speaker comes with a grille. The speaker seems like a large black box. When the grille is removed, the speaker comes with hallmark copper cones and the tractrix horn-loaded tweeter. The frame on the cone has a ring around then and also rings within the tractrix horn. From every feature of the speaker, you can see how classic the speaker seems with fantastic finishing.

Even the grilles on the slight angle stance and the black finish give it a style. With all the touches and small effort from the manufacturers, the design of the speaker becomes. These small features and stances make the speaker look attractive than most of the Klipsch speakers. You should note that there are many Klipsch speakers in the market but what you have here gives you unique features and performance worth your time and money.

The speakers have been designed with two woofers and a horn-loaded tweeter to provide you with more powerful performance than ever. From the speaker’s design, you could tell they have put great care into giving you the best. The geometry of the horn shape of the speaker plays an essential role in determining the sound character.

The features mainly choose the sound produced by the speaker it has been designed with. Since the speaker has been vented with a hybrid tractrix horn tweeter, you are sure to enjoy more of the best performance. Also, you have to know that the grille on the speaker is removable if you don’t like it. It’s strong and flexible, making it easier to remove and return if you need it back.


  • The response is accurate
  • It comes with a wide dynamic range 
  • Sensitivity is average
  • Amazing finishing
  • It fits in any place in the room 


  • Sensitivity would have been better

ElacUni-FI Uf5 Floorstanding Speaker (Finished Satin Black Cabinet, Single)

Elac Uni-F1 Uf5 is an incredible floor-standing speaker designed to boost your sound quality for the best sound experience. It’s the best speaker for home use and ideal for the cinematic movie experience. The space in your room is enough for the speaker, with no need for you to move items around.

The design of the speaker is made perfect to fit the different home interiors. The speaker can be added three 5.25 inch aluminum woofers to boost your sound production further. They have been made with a set of screw-on feet and fitted with carpet piercing spikes to stabilize the speaker.

You don’t have to trouble about it being kicked over by your pet or on its own. If you use the speaker on the hard floor, no worries, it comes with rubber caps. The UC5 center channel and the UB5 bookshelf have extra beefy binding posts that work well with thick audiophile cables.

Everything about the speaker is impressive. For one, the drivers are custom designed. The finishing of the speaker speaks it all for you. It has been done beautifully with a quality furniture finish that gives it a sophisticated feeling. From the moment you get your speaker at home, you are sure to enjoy it.

For movie lovers and gamers, you will love the sound produced in the room every time you use it. It gives a clear, vivid sound with distinct bass production. With the cinematic gaming playing on your projector, it’s well accompanied by the best sound produced by the speaker. The speaker’s price is fantastic, and you are worth the value compared to another brand of the same category.


  • Sound is good 
  • It gives value for money
  • The price is amazing


  • The quality could be better

Klipsch R-28PF Floor Standing Speaker

Next in line is a powerful speaker set of two from Klipsch. This floor-standing speaker set is a combination of a pair of power towered speakers with simple preamp functionality.

If you want a more powerful and realistic audio reproduction, then these two impressive floor speakers will be of great value. Featuring Tractrix® technology, the R-28PF creates true high fidelity stereo sound with great frequency response and minimal distortion.

This technology allows air to transfer quickly and efficiently from the box. It results in a powerful bass response that you’ll love for sure.

These two amazing tower speakers will dominate any room you put them into and make outstanding audio performance.

Besides, this item is also extremely versatile. You can connect these speakers via Bluetooth or USB. Don’t forget the traditional analog inputs too. This means virtually any source available at your home can play audio through these speakers.


  • Speakers will create true stereo sound
  • Powerful speakers with internal amplifiers
  • Deep bass without any distortion
  • Attractive cabinet design


  • Difficult to use without the remote control

Pro Note:

If you want true stereo sound with great bass without crowding up the room too much, then these speakers might be the thing you need.

ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2 Floor-standing Speaker (each)

When you look for purity of sound and detail within an affordable price range, this speaker from ELAC is the way to go. With a beautiful finish and three-way design, this puppy is bound to raise some eyebrows from your friends when you feed it some juice.

The F6.2 features two 6.5 inch woofers, a 6.5-inch mid-woofer, and a one-inch tweeter at the top. All of them have come with aramid-fiber cones as this design improves the stiffness and the damping.

Besides, these woofers also have oversized magnets and vented pole pieces to give you a smoother response within the lower frequencies. All of these sections have their own independent ports, which also means they are acoustically isolated. This enhances the sound as well as the quality of the speaker as a whole.

You’ll get a frequency response of 39Hz–35,000Hz, which is a little bit generous in the question of low-frequency performance. Moreover, the amazing cabinet design adds to its exceptional sound quality as well.

The cabinet has been constructed with thick MDF fiberboard with a nice Black Ash vinyl coating. Both of these encourage you to hear the tiniest nuance and the slightest touch of each note.

Keep in mind not to cram the speaker against the wall. And also since it is a passive speaker, you need to connect it to an amp.


  • Articulate and clean sound
  • Extremely well-built cabinet
  • Attractive MDF fiberboard design
  • Perfect mid to high frequencies


  • Enclosure design might seem a little plain

Pro Note:

If you want to have your own home cinema system at a reasonable price, then this is a formidable speaker to have.

Fluance SXHTBW Floorstanding Towers

Perk up your ears with the most impressive sound from these Fluance speakers. Entirely made of premium components, these tower speakers produce exhilarating high notes providing you with a genuine listening experience.

You are bound to get impressed the first time you lay your eyes on its stunning looks. Its beautiful walnut design creates a style that is both simple and elegant. Your room will never look or feel the same when you bring them home.

Fluance SXHTBW delivers an engaging performance with its skillfully matched five speakers that provide you the best surround sound you have ever experienced at home.

Featuring 4” poly-coated mid-range drivers, powerful 6.5” woofers, and 1” neodymium silk dome tweeters, the Fluance speakers speak on their own. You need plenty of room to actually do justice to its volume and sound quality.

The inclusion of DTS systems and Dolby Surround make these speakers too overbearing for smaller spaces, so if you want to truly hear what home theater sounds like, there is no other alternative good enough.

The SXHTBW articulates a dynamic audio experience with both its highs and lows and midrange drivers. You won’t miss a single note with its incredibly life-like sounds.

However, it is worth mentioning that the system doesn’t include a subwoofer. So to experience the system fully and complete the kit, make sure you have a subwoofer with you.


  • Beautiful walnut design
  • DTS and Dolby Surround Sound
  • Incredibly life-like and accurate sound
  • Best works as a home theater system


  • Needs a large room to appreciate its sound fully

Pro Note:

If you are a home theater enthusiast to complete your audiophile lifestyle, this system will provide all of that for many years to come.

Klipsch RP-280F Floorstanding Speaker

With the ever-demanding rise in the market of speakers, it has become hard to find the one that suits an individual best. What makes a speaker unique is its ergonomic design and performance, making the college party speakers look like infants.

The Klipsch RP-280F, in this respect, doesn’t disappoint at all. Its sleek design and clarity of sound make it apart from the rest. To start, it features an ergonomic designed outer shell that works in harmony to deliver a flatter frequency response.

As you might know, a flatter response results in almost the same output sound as it was intended to be heard. The MDF-made cabinet and polymer veneer finish also makes this item beautiful and attractive.

You’ll notice the speakers have been placed at a distance above the ground. This helps to appreciate the sound better. The two ”aluminum-cone woofers deal with the deepest bass, and the horn-loaded ” titanium dome tweeter handles the sharp sounds.

There is also a rear-firing bass reflex port below which there is a dual binding post. This post allows you to connect the speaker with a single wire, bi-wire, and bi-amp connection.

Moreover, the black grille is magnetically attached. So you’ll notice no screw holes when you pull it off. Even without this grille, the cabinet looks pretty sleek.

All in all, Klipsch’s dominating and deep bass system is more than capable of handling anything you wish to play with it.


  • Easily removable magnetically attacked grille
  • Deep and powerful bass with rich audio
  • Extremely large sound suitable for parties
  • Very good build quality made to last years


  • Require more space than its competitors

Pro Note:

If you are looking for an all-around speaker in its true meaning and need some party-level volume, then this is a good pick.

KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker

Talk about big-sized speakers! The KEF Q950 is the biggest speaker we’ve yet reviewed. Featuring a huge 200 mm bass driver paired with the ABR, this beast will undoubtedly bring new life to your AV room in no time.

Taking a step back, when you look at these bad boys, you’ll notice their design speaks very highly of the company’s priority list. The beautiful lines with flawless design and seamless baffles will fit right in place wherever you put them.

The Q950 creates a three-dimensional sound that spread evenly around a place with the tweeter placed in the center of the mid-range and bass driver. Its 8” bass drivers can produce an immaculate bass with the lowest frequencies. Besides, the auxiliary bass radiators make the sound a lot better in an open environment.

There is a unique Uni-Q driver that rests inside a sealed cabinet. This helps in reducing the load on the cone. As a result, you’ll get a sound with increased clarity with 3D despite your position as a listener.

However, the speakers have remarkable outrigger feet and have a large body that needs proper space. Besides, they also have spikes on their lower surfaces which help their placement on soft surfaces.


  • Large size to produce clear sound in every corner
  • Spikes on the legs to stand on soft surfaces
  • Creates impeccable 3D sound no matter the listener’s position
  • Has an elegant outlook with magnetic slim grilles


  • Needs extra space in the room

Pro Note:

If you want to experience evenly spread three-dimensional sound in your big room of yours then these bad boys are the way to go.

Polk Audio LSiM 705 Floorstanding Speaker

When you find a speaker with a performance way above its price range, you shouldn’t delay having your hands on it. The Polk Audio’s LSiM 705 is one of those rare speakers with superior performance that meets the needs of almost any audiophile.

First of all, this speaker will draw your attention with its commanding presence. With the front panel and stand covered with black piano lacquer and a beautiful Kersenhout case, the speaker speaks of elegance.

Polk Audio has a front panel literally scattered with speakers. There are five of them to be exact. They include a new generation tweeter, a midrange emitter together forming an inverted 8. This formation gives optimal coordination and good horizontal dispersion.

There are also a 3.25” midrange, 5.25” mid-bass, and dual 5×7” Cassini oval subwoofers on the front. Each of these speakers provides you superior performance at every volume level you can think of.

When you finally give it a juice, you’ll experience a breathtaking, crystal clear performance with precision and clarity. Filled with both style and substance, LSiM 705 will exceed all your audiophile expectations.


  • Great build quality and pleasing visual design
  • Many speakers for all frequency range
  • Unique Polk design to eliminate bass-stealing turbulence
  • Spiked bottom for stable positioning on a soft surface


  • Not versatile when it comes to plugging

Pro Note:

Audiophiles with a need for sonic accuracy and high-quality audio experience will benefit from having this bad boy for sure.

SVS Prime Tower Speaker

Big speakers are cool in that they can shake your room or the whole house producing serious hi-fi sound. The Prime speaker from SVS is one of such speakers which packs more punch than you’d normally need.

Out of the box, the speakers look extremely elegant and beautiful with their Black Ash Pair finish. With the grilles on, the SVS creates an austere handsomeness with a stoic appearance.

But when you remove the grilles the tweeter, midrange and subwoofers will practically beg you to make some noise. The speaker’s 6.5-inch dual woofers deliver an articulate bass that will set the mood anytime.

Moreover, a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter is so light and efficient that it will play crystal clear even at the highest of volumes without distortions.

As for the cabinet, it is complemented nicely by the smooth polypropylene woofer cones, inverted dust caps, and the silky glass-fiber midrange cone. Besides, this cabinet also shares a sense of aesthetics with a sleek and futuristic look.

The Prime Tower utilizes an unusual 3.5-way crossover design. This crossover circuit is pretty serious as it rests on two different printed circuit boards. Honestly speaking, we’ve never seen such a robust crossover even in more expensive speakers than this.

Anyways, SVS Prime’s aesthetic sense of beauty and attractive sound quality is hard to beat by most competitors in the market. After listening to it, your immediate sensation is bound to be of a delicate balance.


  • Extreme engrossing sound
  • Aesthetic built and outlook
  • Capable of quite a deep bass
  • Work well in a home theater context


  • Sound may be a bit laid back

Pro Note:

If you want a solid performance with rock-solid reliability and construction then we’d unhesitatingly recommend the Prime.

Klipsch R-625FA Floorstanding Speaker

For an immersive 360-degree surround sound experience, there is no other alternative better than Klipsch R-625FA. This floor-standing speaker is built with an elevation channel on the top that delivers the best surround sound by reflecting the sound off the ceiling.

Moreover, the R-625FA conforms to Dolby Atmos specifications which is one of the biggest hits of recent years. The reason behind this is that it can produce a true three-dimensional sound that will immerse you in whatever you’re listening to.

What’s more interesting about this speaker is that these upward-firing Atmos speakers match perfectly with the main speakers, which is hard to accomplish. As a result, you get enhanced clarity and detail.

As far as the speaker goes, Klipsch’s 6.5” woofers are perfect for giving all the low-end responses. Also, the 1” aluminum LTS tweeter provides high efficiency while improving resolution and detail.

The rear Tractrix port creates an ideal airflow enabling energy with high frequency. This reduces the artificial reverb as well as distortion as the sound is bouncing off the walls.

Klipsch R-625FA tower speakers perform better in small rooms in comparison to large ones.


  • Impactful 360° Dolby Atmos listening experience
  • Features high-performance elevation speakers
  • Tractrix horn technology delivers the cleanest sound
  • Scratch-resistant MDF cabinet


  • Doesn’t perform best in large spaces

Pro Note:

R-625FA is the perfect option to have when you want to experience 360° Dolby sound in your cozy apartment.

KEF Q750 Floorstanding Speaker

British speaker manufacturers KEF makes high-quality and well-engineered loudspeakers. However, very few of their Q-series models are affordable to the general population. But their Q750 happens to be the exception.

Based on their signature Uni-Q driver technology, the Q750 speaker has a 1” dome tweeter made of aluminum nestled in the center of a 6.5” aluminum midrange cone. There is a 6.5” midrange-woofer, above and below, which sits a pair of 6.5” aluminum passive radiators.

These midrange or midrange-woofer drivers are coaxial in nature, which means they comprise of a tweeter operating inside each one of their cones. Nicely balanced with the basics right, the Q750 provides a sense of scale and dynamics when heard.

With a frequency response between 48Hz-28 kHz and a maximum output of 111dB, the Q750 delivers a vivid and precise sound effect with life-like realism.

Besides, the famous KEF technology used in this speaker positions the treble unit in the middle of the woofer. As a result, the sound waves generated by the two drivers create a single point source for sound across the frequency range. This creates a much broader stereo sound so you can relax and enjoy the show.

The speaker is fairly large in size, which means there is enough bass you can feel in your chest. Overall, this clean and modest-looking tower speaker can give plenty of punch without becoming fuzzy and unclear.


  • Improved treble greatly reduces distortion
  • The aluminum woofer cone helps give life-like dynamics
  • World-famous Uni-Q technology offers excellent stereo
  • Coaxial woofer drivers provide a sense of scale


  • Highs are too sharp and may cause fatigue

Pro Note:

The KEF Q750 Floorstanding Speaker is an ideal stereo system if you place it in a medium to a large room.

Q Acoustics 3050i Floorstanding Speaker

From the first look of it, you cannot but appreciate this speaker’s beautiful structure and arctic white finish. Q Acoustics 3050i is one of the most impressive speakers on our list.

In terms of design and outlook, only the company has gone the extra mile. Its excellent cabinet design and technology both work together to improve the sound quality. The rounded design also helps in reducing unwanted vibration resulting in a clean and pure sound.

3050i features two 6.5 inch drivers and a tweeter of 0.8 inches. The tweeter is separated from the rest of the cabinet with the help of a compliant suspension system and an extra-thick baffle. So the two adjacent woofers cannot affect the treble with their vibrations at all.

In addition, the rear bass reflex port controls the bass working in tandem with the rigid design. And the whole speaker is balanced with four metal posts that reduce distortion and vibrations too.

Another interesting thing you might notice is the cabinet enclosure which uses a technology called PTP (Point To Point) that allows the drivers to focus the audio directly towards the audience for a more accurate sound stage.


  • Impressive and innovative structure
  • Rounded design reduces unwanted vibration
  • Excellent mid and high-frequency sound
  • PTP cabinet enclosure results in more focused audio


  • Quality of sound reduces at lower volumes

Pro Note:

If you are used to very high-frequency sounds and love a minimalist design, then this speaker will be the perfect fit for your place.

KLH Kendall Floorstanding Speaker

For over half a century, KLH has been manufacturing innovative and quality speakers building their good reputation. The Kendall floor standing speaker is their flagship at the moment and can be mistaken for premium subwoofers easily.

Kendall has a three-way system with two 6.5-inch drivers, a 5.25-inch midrange driver, and a 1-inch aluminum tweeter. This brushed aluminum tweeter gives a nice aesthetic touch when you remove the grille.

As for the cabinet, it is made from dense MDF fiberboard of three-quarter thickness with a Walnut veneer finish. This looks quite good in any setting.

We can promise you that you’ll enjoy the very deep but not overpowering bass presence of its sound. This powerful bass actually surprised us a bit since such bass extension is uncommon even at higher-priced speakers.

That is the reason why KLH is one of the few speakers that even non-audiophiles recognize. The Kendall speaker rightfully does rank extremely high in terms of soundstage and imaging.


  • Gives off an aesthetic vibe even without the grille
  • Well balanced sound with extremely deep bass
  • Great build quality with an attractive finish
  • Exceptionally good spikes for anchoring through a soft surface


  • Cannot be placed close to a wall for real firing ports

Pro Note:

For an audiophile looking for a speaker with a bass that digs deep and also looks good in the AV or living room, the KLH Kendall tower speaker is indeed great.

Klipsch RP-4000F Floorstanding Speaker

In love with Klipsch speakers but don’t have enough space to put them? Well, there’s a great solution for you. The RP-4000F will give you the same experience as other bigger tower speakers with the benefit of a smaller size.

With the RP-4000F model, you get almost the same horn-loaded direct focused sound and a punchy bass signature. However, these features dialed down only a bit to suit the smaller space you have.

Featuring twin copper-spun Cerametallic cone woofers, this bad boy punches quite hard for its size. The speaker can handle from 25 kHz frequency response reaching down to 37Hz, which is deeper than typical stand mount speakers.

You’ll notice its bass to be very, very clean with crispy highs and full mids. However, there will be some distortion when you turn the volume very high, but it is so minimal that barely noticeable to normal ears.

On another note, its hybrid Tractrix horn is silicon made which is world-famous for its horn-loaded treble units. It is so efficient that it can transfer high-frequency waves directly into the listening area.

Besides, the titanium dome tweeters feature LTS, a core component of some of the best speakers in the world. This helps provide the highest speaker efficiency with the lowest distortion with enhanced and detailed performance.


  • Excellent detail and performance
  • Crispy highs and full mids that soothe the ear
  • Full tower speaker experience with a compact design
  • Smooth and precise bass with the lowest distortion


  • Not suitable for larger rooms

Pro Note:

Each room or AV room has its own aesthetics, and not all speakers fit into the décor. It is therefore wise to keep different options at hand with different sizes. If you don’t want to compromise with quality, this might be a good pick in such a case.

ELAC F6.2 Debut 2.0 Floorstanding Speakers (pair)

You might be wondering why we would include the same ELAC F6.2 twice in this review. Well, the reason is that although in both cases the models are the same, unlike the previous one, this item comes in pairs.

Another interesting point to note is that since you’re buying a pair of these speakers, it would save you considerable bucks than buying singles. But that’s beside the point. Let us remind you of some of the awesome features the F6.2 holds, in case you’ve forgotten.

This three-way designed tower speaker has some of the most impressive specs in the speaker market. For one, it can reach a frequency response as low as 39 Hz up to as high as 35 kHz. Talk about eardrums busted, huh!

Anyways, its MDF fiberboard cabinet with black ash vinyl color is something to look at. Its cleaner and tighter lines go a long way towards improving the décor of your room.

In addition to providing high-quality acoustics complementing your existing stereo system, it will undoubtedly appeal to your audiophile ears as well.


  • Wide-dispersion tweeter waveguide improves control
  • Stable damped case with enhanced stiffness and strength
  • Perfect mid to high frequencies
  • Chic design with plenty of styles


  • Needs to be connected to an additional power amplifier

Pro Note:

When you want higher and higher quality sounds, you get more and more speakers to adjust with your existing AV system. This pair is a good choice for that for sure.

Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Floorstanding Speakers

It’s amazing how beautiful the Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Floor standing Speakers look with a tapered cabinet, glossy front baffle, and an attractive piano finish. Not only that, even its floor spikes looked expensive. But guess what? This speaker set is totally within an affordable limit.

Other than stunning looks this speaker’s main strength lies in its enormous dual 8-inch bass woofers.

The speaker looks way smaller than it really is because of these woofers. Also, this three-way speaker features a 5-inch yellow glass fiber driver and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter.

An interesting thing to note is that these dual woofers share a box internally, and the mid-woofer and tweeter occupy their own sealed compartments. This is due to keeping the waves from interfering with smooth operation.

The fancy-looking outriggers use floor spikes but without any sharp top. So you don’t have to worry about the floor getting scratched.


  • Amazing finish and looks with premium components
  • Woofers have a separate compartment to reduce distortions
  • Ground-breaking double woofers give a perfect bass performance
  • Neodymium tweeters give high frequencies with great clarity


  • Not suited for small rooms

Pro Note:

With such an affordable price, this 3-way floor-standing speaker from Fluance is a good choice. In comparison to its premium looks, the whole deal is a steal.

Klipsch RP-8060FA Dolby Atmos Floorstanding Speaker

We just can’t seem to let go of Klipsch, as you might’ve already noticed. One after another, we brought to you 5 of their speakers, and our top review ends with their sixth and final one, the RP-8060FA.

This speaker will bring pure and natural sound to your home without experiencing the slightest bit of distortion. Immerse in the bliss of utmost clarity listening experience with the Klipsch RP-8060FA that has it all.

Featuring integrated Dolby Atmos surround sound, the 8060FA also ensures high-frequency energy with powerful solo excursions. Moreover, its main section has two 8” spun-copper woofers and a signature 1” horn-loaded tweeter.

All of these work together to present you deeply, powerful bass and midrange with smooth, detailed highs. In addition, the system will deliver rich vocals from the midrange drives with the finest detail and sonic accuracy. You won’t miss out on a single note with this floor-standing speaker.


  • Excellent sound from multiple directions
  • Finished to perfection with pure Walnut color
  • Magnetically attached elegant grille
  • Exceptionally rigid and lightweight Cerametallic woofers


  • Needs enough power to drive

Pro Note:

When you’ve exhausted yourself with looking for the perfect tower speaker, this item comes to the rescue with all-in-one specs. So for anyone looking for some boost in their AV, Klipsch RP-8060FA is another great item.


What to Look for Before You Buy?

When you’re on the market and have a lot of options in the same price range, it becomes very difficult to pick the best option. That’s where this section comes for help. The following considerations will come in handy while comparing multiple items.

  • Speaker Sensitivity

The sensitivity of speakers is also referred to as their efficiency. It means how well the speaker turns its power into sound.

This sensitivity is measured with watt power, and the loudness is expressed in terms of decibels (dB). The higher the sensitivity rating is, the louder the speaker will be. On the other hand, speakers with high sensitivity ratings will consume less power.

For example, a speaker with a rating of 85 dB will consume 100 watts of power. But if the sensitivity is increased to 88, it will consume half of the previously consumed power.

In other words, when you increase the volume by just 3 dB, then to deliver the same volume, it will consume half of the power. However, an inefficient speaker will turn power into heat and will need considerably more power to reach the same volume as others.

  • Speaker Impedance

Impedance measures the electrical resistance that has an impact on the speaker’s load. Measured in ohms, its power ratings become tricky sometimes because it constantly fluctuates while the speaker is playing.

So speakers get a single nominal rating that eases comparison. Their impedance has some common values, such as 4, 8, and 16 ohms which need to match with your amplifier.

  • Speaker Power Handling

Although floor standing speakers with built-in amplifier results in an easier installation, they aren’t always compatible.

When buying any speaker, you’ll see a recommended power range. This range gives you an idea of how strong the amp should be. While checking the rating output of the amplifier, its higher number shows the maximum wattage the speaker takes for a long period.

However, you don’t need to be exact just make sure that the speaker and amplifier are compatible with each other.

  • Speaker Frequency Response

We all know that the range of human hearing is between 20Hz – 20 kHz. But a speaker’s frequency response is between 20Hz and 200Hz. The first and last number tells you how the speaker plays, and the upper number shows the speaker’s limit of tonal range.

And the wider frequency response makes sure that your speaker is capable of reproducing all the frequencies in any audio track.

  • Speaker Size

Now, this is another important topic to discuss. Floor standing speakers are themselves quite big in size, as their name Tower Speaker suggests. However, the sizes in between them vary too.

Therefore you ought to choose the best size in terms of the space you have in your home or where you intend to place it. Keep in mind that bigger speakers mean louder sounds and vice versa.

So if you want a good sonic match for your space, get the bigger-sized item. They offer you a big and natural sound with solid bass thanks to their large acoustic chambers.

In case you don’t want to disturb your neighbors too much, opt for something smaller instead.

  • Wiring

While buying a speaker, you might notice some set of wire terminals with crossovers. Know that the speakers with built-in crossovers will sound better since they divide the frequency information and send them to the corresponding speaker and subwoofer.

There are Bi-amped speakers which feature two separate sets of cables. And there are Bi-wired speakers which connect to the speakers with a single output connector to the amplifier.

However, the bi-wired speakers don’t provide the same amount of power as the bi-amped ones.

  • Aesthetics

Looks are very important for those with a good sense of style as well as sound. Classically designed speakers look good in any home. There are some designs in the market with vintage finishing, which you might also like.

  • Features

There are a few additional features you might also consider, which include Bluetooth connectivity and wireless connection to mobile devices. Playback through data cards or memory cards is also a nice additional feature.

  • Speaker Materials

The drivers of the speakers can be made from various materials, including metal, paper, plastic, or rubber. However, those made of premium materials tend to yield far better sounds than other low-cost counterparts.

For example, tweeters made of silk tend to produce a much sweeter sound.

  • Cabinet Materials

As for cabinet material, look for something sturdy and which would be the best in keeping its balance on the floor. Wooden cabinets are known to sound better than other materials due to their anti-resonant and sturdy material. They don’t distort the sound by vibrating while the sound is being emitted from the drivers.

  • Durability

Buying floor-standing speakers is a good sum of investment to make. So you should check if the item is known to last long or not. Besides, look for the one that comes with a warranty.

  • Speaker Sound Quality

Just like aesthetics, this is a subjective area to discuss. Sound from speakers may feel different to different people. If you don’t want to take risks in terms of sound quality, it is always a safer approach to buy one from the leading brands.

Even then, the sound might not match your idea of ‘good,’ so the only proper way to judge is to hear them before making the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do floor standing speakers need a subwoofer?

You don’t need to buy an additional subwoofer for your floor-standing speaker. Because a floor-standing speaker already comes with a subwoofer driver. However, if you want to experience true sound, you might as well buy a subwoofer for a more powerful bass.

  • What should I look for in a floor-standing speaker?

First, look at the aesthetics and construction of the speaker to decide if it complements your room’s décor. Next, you should check the sound quality, speaker sensitivity, frequency response of the item.

Besides, there are many other important factors you might look for, which are explained in our buyer’s guide section.

  • Do floor speakers need stands?

Usually, floor speakers don’t need extra stands. However, if you happen to have a wooden floor, then you might consider buying one since the sound pressure generated from the speaker might vibrate the floor. This vibration sometimes gets back at the speaker which distorts the performance of those speakers.

  • Are tower speakers worth it?

Tower speakers are not only worth it but better than worth it. These big boxes can create better sounds because instruments with low frequencies or bass need bigger boxes to sound right. Besides, there are many more benefits of a tower speaker.

Final Words

It might be safe to assume that you’ve already decided on your best floor standing speakers under 1000 by now. But in case you haven’t, we ask you to have a good look at our buyer’s guide to have a better understanding of what exactly to look for. That will lead to the best item you deserve. Happy listening!

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