Best Soundbar for Philips TV 2022 [Expert Recommended]

The TVs from Philips are at the very top when it comes to offering excellent picture quality and vivid colors. However, there is a factor where their offerings lag behind a little. Yes, we are talking about the sound.

The lower clarity and lack of loudness of the speakers can indeed degrade the TV-watching experience. And we got tired of that, which is why we went hunting for the best soundbar for Philips TV. Well, that is when we got bewildered by the number of available options.

Also, upon intensively testing the top-rated models, we found that not all of them are better than the integrated speakers. And through this article, we will ensure you end up getting a bar that can actually elevate the TV watching experience.

How To Connect Soundbar To Philips TV?

Before we move into the reviews, we want to walk you through the general setup process of these soundbars. And the good news is that you really do not have to go through that many hassles in terms of connecting the bar with your TV.

  • Bluetooth

If your TV has a Bluetooth connectivity option, turn the soundbar on and set it up at the pairing mode. Then, go to connectivity options on your TV and pair it up with the bar.


The other process would be to connect using the wired ports. If there is an HDMI ARC port on the bar, connect an HDMI ARC wire to the ARC port of the TV using that.

  • AUX / Optical

You can also try the AUX cable. For that, you would need to connect the AUX wire to the audio out port of the TV and the bar’s audio-in port.  You can connect the Optical port in the same manner.

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There are plenty of soundbars out there. And almost all of them will look sleek and claim to offer a higher amount of clarity and less distortion at high volume. But, most of them perform just like the integrated speakers. That makes them not worth the money. However, the case is not the same for these:

  1. SonosPlaybar – Best Mountable Sound Bar

Enjoying crisp dialogues along with impressive bass while watching TV is something that all of us want, right? Well, Sonos kept that in mind when they were manufacturing this soundbar.

Unlike the other models out there, this bar comes in a factory-tuned configuration. The manufacturer has properly tuned it to that level where the diaphragm of the speakers will enhance the voice frequencies. As a result, each of the dialogues of the scene you will be watching will be crisp and clear.

The sound engineers of the brand have also emphasized the amount of bass. And they did quite a great job in that regard. The bass that it offers will make the music listening experience redefined. It will also enhance the dialogues and make them sound more natural.

This bar even bundles with an app. Using the app, you can control each of the parameters of the sound. In other words, you can create your own personalized equalizers with the app.

Connecting the bar will not be an issue either. It has a wireless connection mechanism that will allow you to gain a clean setup. There will be no need to rout wires hanging from the TV. And the range of the wireless chip is pretty extensive. It is even possible to connect it to a device that is in another room.


  • Specially-tuned from the factory
  • Offers crisp dialogues
  • Pretty high bass level
  • It can be controlled with an app
  • A wireless connection mode is available


  • The volume does not stay in sync with the TV
  • Does not have any Atmos or Dolby Digital support

Expert Note:

This bar comes in a factory-tuned configuration. And that tuning makes it offer crisp dialogues and bassy music.

  1. Bose Smart 700 – Premium Bluetooth Soundbar

The manufacturer Bose is quite famous when it comes to offering high-performance audio devices. And the case is the same for this offering that we are going to take a look at.

This device is going for immersive sound technology. And it does a great job in terms of offering precisely that. The bass of the speakers is quite deep, and the clarity is on the very top. It can make you feel like you are in the theatre when watching a movie or series on your Philips TV.

There are plenty of smart features baked in too. It has built-in Alexa, which you can use to control all of the sound parameters. And as it has a noise-canceling microphone, you will not have to struggle that much while giving hands-free voice commands to Alexa.

Connectivity options are well taken care of as well. It has both WiFi and Bluetooth chip. So, there will be no need to go through any hassles while pairing this up with your Philips panel. Also, thanks to the bundled app, controlling the paired devices will be an easy task.

This bar also has sleek overall outlooks. Even the remote that it comes bundled with looks elegant. Also, for integrating Bose SimpleSync, you can sync this bar with other sound devices pretty quickly.


  • It offers an immersive listening experience
  • Integrates Alexa
  • Has hands-free voice control features
  • Bundles with an intuitive app
  • Sports SimpleSync


  • The Bluetooth connection is a bit glitchy sometimes
  • Does not have proper app support for iOS

Expert Note:

The fact that it has a sleek overall look while offering immersive sound listening experiences amazed us. It even integrates Alexa that will make the task of controlling the device a breeze.

  1. BESTISAN – Best Wired and Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 TV Speaker

While most of the soundbars out there will integrate Bluetooth connectivity, many of them will have an insanely poor range. However, this offering from BESTISAN is not one of them.

The thing that makes this device stand out the most is the Bluetooth 5.0 support. That increases the range, making it possible to set this speaker further away from the TV. The wireless connection also remains strong even when the device is pretty far from the source, which will ensure a lossless listening experience.

Other than the Bluetooth 5.0 connection, there are different connectivity options. It will be possible to connect this with your Philips TV using Coaxial, AUX, and optical cables. Also, there are three equalizer modes. And the built-in DSP chip handles the equalizers exceptionally well.

On that note, the dialogue equalizer does a phenomenal job at highlighting the voices. It makes the movie sound more natural. You will be basically signing yourself up to enjoy an immersive movie-watching experience after pairing this up with the Philips TV.

Furthermore, the design of the bar is modern and sleek. These two design traits will allow the device to make the whole setup look clean and aesthetic. And there are loads of mounting options. You can hang it on the wall, place it directly on the cabinet, or mount it directly with the TV.


  • Integrates the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip
  • Has an extensive range
  • Features different wired connectivity options
  • Sports a built-in DSP chip for equalizers
  • Boasts a sleek and modern design


  • When it is not connected with anything, it makes a low-pitched sound
  • It does not bundle with an app

Expert Note:

The main selling point of this device is that it has Bluetooth 5.0. That will eliminate the wireless connectivity issues. Also, there is a pretty good DSP chip built-in.

  1. Philips 2.0 HTL1508 – HDMI Input (ARC) and Bluetooth Streaming (HTL1508)

Even though most of the wireless soundbars will have a robust connectivity system, most fail to sync with the TV’s sound properly. But, if you get this bar from Philips, there will be no need to worry about that.

So, what makes this bar sync so well with the sound of the TV? The HDMI port! You can hook this one directly to the TV with the HDMI ARC connection. And the HDMI connection will ensure that the sound is synced correctly with Philips TV.

The unit also comes boasting a low-rise profile. This specific design will take care of the placement and installation problems. There will be no need to make too much room in front of the TV. And the overall design is pretty sleek too. It will blend exceptionally well with most of the tables.

Apart from that, the unit features surround sound capabilities. That will make the whole TV watching experience immersive. The two speakers do a proper job of spreading the sound throughout the entire room. So, there will be no need to worry even if you do end up being on the corner in a movie-watching party.

In addition to that, it has a Bluetooth chip. With that, you can pair this device up with multiple devices. There are AUX and optical connections too.


  • Can properly sync with the TV
  • Has AUX and Optical ports
  • Features a Bluetooth chip for wireless connection
  • Flaunts a low-profile design
  • Integrates Surround 2.0 for an immersive sound experience


  • The speakers do not get that loud
  • It does not have any app support

Expert Note:

Even though the speakers from Philips TV are not that great, they nailed it with this soundbar. It stays in sync with the TV and can offer a good surround sound listening experience.

  1. Wohome S05 -Best Remote Control Soundbar

Usually, the bars that boast multiple speakers sound the clearest and loudest. And if you were looking for something like that, consider this offering that is from Wohome.

This one has three total speakers. The first two are 20 watts, which are responsible for the full-range frequencies. They can offer crystal clear audio with a minimal level of distortion. These speakers can even get exceptionally loud without losing too much clarity. The highest loudness level is 97 dB.

Then, there is a dedicated 20 watts sub-range speaker that will ensure that the bass of the sound is right. For that reason, the dialogues will be crisp and deep. And it will help in terms of canceling out most of the distortion. The maximum harmonic distortion is around 1%.

Furthermore, it integrates a built-in DSP chip. That will allow you to choose from four predefined equalizers. There are equalizers for movies, music, news, and documentaries. Those will do a proper job of making the sound feel immersive and enhancing the clarity of the audio.

The device even has multiple connectivity options. You can connect your Philips TV with Bluetooth, an Optical port, or the AUX cable. And it has a good wireless range as it boasts Bluetooth 5.0 chip.


  • It has a total of three 20 watts speakers
  • Reasonably loud
  • The clarity of the sound is phenomenal
  • Features a dedicated DSP chip
  • Sports three connectivity modes


  • The included remote has a weak range
  • It does not have a praiseworthy treble level

Expert Note:

The bar flaunts three dedicated speakers. Those speakers work like a charm in terms of offering an enjoyable TV-watching experience.

  1. PHEANOO P28,160W – Best Soundbar with Subwoofer

Want to get your hands on something that bundles with dedicated bass and sub-sound speaker? Well, what you are probably looking for is this offering that is from PHEANOO.

Like we mentioned, this one comes with a subwoofer. This subwoofer handles all the sub-sounds and bass. And it does a great job in terms of making the bass sound powerful and rich. You are sure to have immersive music listening and TV watching experience with it.

Other than that, the set has four dedicated speakers. Those offer a full-range sound that will make you feel like you are sitting right at the theatre. They can output crisp and clear audio. And they can emphasize making the dialogues sound more natural and distortion-free.

The bar even has multiple connectivity ports. There are HDMI ARC, AUX, and Optical ports for wired connectivity. You can even use the Bluetooth mode to pair this device with your Philips TV. It even has a USB port that can handle local media streaming.

Talking of which, as the Bluetooth chip is 5.0, the range will be phenomenal. There will be no need to worry about the connection dropping or the sound getting lossy.Also, both the speakers and subwoofer are enclosed in sleek housing. That will make them blend exceptionally well around the TV.


  • Bundles with a dedicated subwoofer
  • The bar has four individual speakers
  • Features Bluetooth 5.0 chip
  • It has a USB port on the back
  • Can provide crisp and immersive audio


  • Some units might have connection issues with the HDMI port
  • The connecting wire for the woofer is a bit short

Expert Note:

This one bundles with a dedicated subwoofer that can make the bass deep and punchy. Also, the bar has four speakers, which makes the audio clear and crisp.

  1. VIZIO SB2920-C6 – Best Surround Sound System for TV

The brand VIZIO is another well-known manufacturer that specializes in making TVs. However, they are in the market offering quality soundbars as well. And this one is a proper example of how good their bars actually are.

First of all, this bar integrates the VIZIO 2.0 surround system. That makes the audio sound more immersive. Also, this system does a great job in terms of enhancing the overall TV watching experience. It even has support for DTS TruSurround and DTS TruVolume.

Other than that, the full-range speakers of the bar can output crystal clear audio. The level of distortion is exceptionally low. And the DTS technologies it integrates will ensure that the volume can get reasonably loud without losing a significant amount of clarity.

Even the setup process is pretty simple. There are two mounting options. You can set this one up by either mounting it directly to the wall or placing it on the table using the stand. Also, there are multiple wired connectivity ports. And the package will come with all of the cables.

Talking of which, it has a Bluetooth connectivity chip. That will enable you to pair the Philips TV up without needing any wires. And it also comes with an ergonomic remote.


  • Boasts a proper surround system
  • The speakers offer full-range, immersive audio
  • Multiple DTS technologies baked in
  • Easy to setup
  • It comes with an ergonomic remote


  • It does not offer precise control over the volume
  • The Bluetooth connection is not that stable

Expert Note:

This bar from VIZIO has a great surround system that can make the audio feel immersive. Also, thanks to the DTS technologies, the TV watching experience will truly be stellar.

  1. Samsung HW-A450 – Best Soundbar with Dolby Audio

You might already have proper knowledge regarding Samsung. They are one of the leading display panel manufacturers. Well, apart from making good-quality televisions, they make well-performing speakers as well. And this unit is one of them.

So, to begin with, the package includes a dedicated subwoofer. The best part about this subwoofer is that it is wireless. So, you will not have to worry about connecting it with short wires. And even though it is wireless, it does remain synced with the other speakers.

On that note, the bar also has wireless connectivity support. It uses Bluetooth to connect with Philips TVs. And when you pair both the speakers and subwoofer with the TV, you will be sure to enjoy deep and crisp audio. Also, the surround mode of the speakers does a proper job of making the sound feel immersive.

Apart from that, it comes with a single remote that has controls for both the soundbar and the woofer. Thanks to the adaptive sound technology, you will not have to do too much tweaking with the remote. It will analyze the audio and make necessary adjustments automatically.

It even has a bass boost mode. Using that, you can make the music sound poppier and bass-heavy. Also, there is a game mode, which will make the sound perfectly sync with the movements of the game.


  • Bundles with a wireless subwoofer
  • It has a simple remote
  • Sports adaptive sound technology
  • Features a bass boost mode
  • Easy to pair


  • It does not have that many wired connectivity modes
  • The volume up and down buttons freeze sometimes

Expert Note:

It ships with a subwoofer that enhances the quality of the bass. Also, the woofer and the bar are both wireless and can be controlled with a single remote.

6 Things You Should Know Before Buying  A Perfect Soundbar for Philips TV In 2022

After reading through the reviews, you might wonder what we considered while scrutinizing the products. Well, we considered these crucial factors that make a speaker good:

  1. Sound Quality

First things first! You are opting for a soundbar to enjoy better sound. And if you end up buying a bar that is up to par with the integrated speakers of Philips TV, there is really no point in the purchase. For that reason, we considered the quality of the speakers.

And as you know, the higher the quality of the speakers, the better the quality of the sound will be. Consider the power and diameter of the speakers because those dictate the quality of the speakers.

Additionally, consider the number of speakers. Usually, the bars that come with multiple speakers sound louder and crisper. For that reason, we would recommend prioritizing the options that boast numerous speakers.

  1. The Design

Apart from the sound quality, you need to consider the overall design of the bar. Even if the device sounds exceptionally good, you will need to keep it out of sight if it looks hideous. And if you do not keep the bar directed towards the sitting area, the sound listening experience will not be that immersive.

For that reason, we considered only the bars that had a sleek and modern design. Those will blend reasonably well with the table and in front of the TVs. Also, the ones that have a sleek design look good when hung on the wall too.

  1. Connectivity Options

The connectivity ports play a great role in terms of the overall sound listening experience. Most of the bars out there will be wireless. However, the wireless chip for each will not be the same. Some will utilize the latest Bluetooth chip, while some will still rely on the old-gen chips.

In this case, we prioritized the devices with the latest Bluetooth chip because those have a higher reception range. Additionally, we considered the wired ports too. The higher the number of ports the devices had, the higher preference they got because they offered higher flexibility.

Furthermore, if you want to make the speakers sync perfectly with the TV, we would recommend opting for the devices with the HDMI ARC port. Those seamlessly syncs with the audio output of the TV.

  1. Brand Image

Many argue that the brand image does not really play that much of a role, but it actually does. The brands that have a good reputation would want to keep their image like that. Due to that, they will try to offer nothing but high-quality products. For that reason, we considered the offerings from well-known brands first.

Additionally, the well-reputed brands have good customer support. That would mean if anything does go wrong with the device, you will be guaranteed to get good warranty service. For that reason, it is essential to prioritize the offerings from well-known and well-reputed brands.

  1. Setup and Using Process

You would not want to get a soundbar that requires the user to go through a tedious setup process, would you? Well, for those, you would need to go through a lot of hassles just to get the speakers working. And this tedious setup process can deteriorate the overall user experience.

By factoring that in, we prioritized the devices that had a hassle-free setup process. The ones that can be paired up within seconds got most of our preferences. You should also prioritize the devices that are easier to use and control.

  1. Budget

Finally, we factored in the overall value proposition. The ones that were priced reasonably and offered excellent overall performance for the money got most of our priorities.

FAQs On Best Soundbar for Philips TV

  • Is only Philips soundbar suitable for Philips tv?

Not at all. You can use soundbars of any brand with your Philips. You need to ensure that there are proper connectivity ports on the bar.

  • Are those soundbars good?

Philips soundbar is not a bad choice. However, most of the soundbars from Philips will be sub-par compared to the other well-performing options.  But the one that we have gone through in our reviews is surely worth checking.

  • Does Philips TV support Dolby Atmos?

Most of the latest models of Philips support Dolby Atmos. However, there are some Philips TVs out there that will not have Dolby Atmos support.

  • Should my soundbar match my Philips TV brand?

It is totally possible to use a soundbar of a different company with Philips TV. All you need to do is consider the connectivity options.

  • Can bad sound quality ruin the home theatre vibes?

Absolutely! Bad sound quality can take away that immersive movie-watching experience out of the equation. It will also make the dialogues inaudible, which can ruin the whole movie-watching experience.

Final Words: The Best Soundbar for Philips TV

Even though the built-in speakers of Philips TVs are not that great, you can easily circumvent the problem by getting the best soundbar for Philips TV. And we assure you that all of the models that we have gone through are nothing but that! So, pick any model that suits your needs without worrying too much.

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